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White papers and industry reports

Informative and insightful white papers and in-depth industry reports show how GS1 standards deliver real benefits

Produced by our dedicated insight team, in conjunction with our business partners, we have created a series of white papers and industry reports that help you understand new ways of using GS1 standards.

Buying British in 2019

Brexit Britain is proving to be a bonanza for British brands. Two years down the line from our study into the state of commerce in the UK, our Buying British in 2019 report paints a positive picture for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) across the UK.

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The rise of UK’s digital entrepreneurs: harnessing the power of online marketplaces

We’ve seen a rapid rise in companies using GS1 product identifiers to trade on online marketplaces. Our new report looks at the reasons why.

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Buying British in 2017

Our Buying British in 2017 report shows a rise in small businesses creating British products – driven by consumer demand. The report highlights our latest membership data which shows a significant increase in smaller organisations joining compared to previous years. These start-ups are thriving because consumers increasingly want their food, drink and clothing to demonstrate local heritage and have fewer air miles.

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Defending cross-border trade: An agenda for export

We surveyed over 1,000 GS1 UK members, representing a large cross-section of British SME businesses employing over 100,000 people, to understand their views on the potential impact of protectionism and Brexit on their businesses. The findings are detailed in our new report, Defending cross-border trade: An agenda for export, which also sets out a clear agenda of action for the government during the Brexit negotiations.

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Optimise your listings on Amazon

Find out how you can improve your listings and win the buy box more of the time.

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Optimise your listings on eBay

Check out our practical guide to improve your eBay listings performance

Check out our guide (PDF)

GS1 Healthcare Reference Book

The GS1 Healthcare Reference Book is a compilation of case studies where industry players share their experiences on how GS1 standards truly make a difference in healthcare, all over the world. Companies and organisations describe their successful implementations of GS1 standards.

Take a look at the reference book (PDF)

Delighting the modern shopper

Where GS1 standards apply in today’s shopper journey

A new whitepaper by GS1 UK and Planet Retail has identified that the key to becoming a successful omnichannel retailer is implementing a robust and varied fulfilment strategy. Addressing pain-points often felt throughout the shopper journey, ‘Delighting the Modern Shopper’ highlights six key elements for omnichannel success and where GS1 standards apply in today’s shopper journey.

Read the report (PDF) View the infographic (PDF)

Digital Commerce in Retail

This report examines Mass Distribution and Acceptance of Mobile Couponing.

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The benefits of using structured data

Unreliability of search is impacting the consumer experience in the modern retail environment. By adapting GS1 standards, we can provide the framework to include structured data for a website. With implementation underway, search engines are now favouring sites using this technology, giving retailers and brand owners on the leading edge, a great advantage.

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Track and trace - Approaches in tobacco

KPMG and GS1 UK were commissioned to investigate the illicit trade in tobacco and how the FCTC Protocol’s requirements for track and trace can most effectively tackle it. We have brought our knowledge of countering illicit trade and experience of supply chain management and the development of standards to the research.

Read the white paper (PDF)

GS1 UK guide to selling on marketplaces

Our guide to selling on marketplaces provides informative insight for merchants already selling on marketplaces. Read the guide and learn how to grow your business.

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Kodit - UDI white paper

Kodit, with GS1 UK, Motorola and Zebra, has produced this white paper to help you understand the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) final ruling on Unique Device Identification (UDI). The paper describes how the ruling will impact the medical device industry and provides recommendations of how businesses can comply with its requirements.

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Getting ahead of the game – A UDI report

In collaboration with Prisym ID, we jointly created this report to explain how Unique Device Identification (UDI) can be integrated into production systems with minimum disruption. Now that the final rule has been published by the FDA this is an important consideration for manufacturers.

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Foodservice information challenge report

We worked with the Foodservice Directors' Group (FSDG) to understand how information is shared between trading partners, and looked at the benefits of improved information sharing and how this can be achieved within the industry.

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Data quality report

Bad data is a billion dollar issue. Lansa and GS1 UK have collaborated to create a white paper entitled How to implement a GS1-compliant data quality management system in FMCG. The report provides vital insight on how a Product Information Management (PIM) system can be used for quick and efficient product data quality and control.

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Healthcare report - Improving patient safety and efficiency in the NHS

Over three quarters of doctors would like to see real time electronic patient records in place and more than half believe barcoded wristbands would help doctors and nurses perform their roles more effectively.

Read the report (PDF)

EDI cost savings report

We worked with Cranfield School of Management to highlight how the retail industry can save millions through the greater use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for the order-to-cash process

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Data crunch report

This report examines the impact of bad data on profits and consumer service in the UK grocery sector.  It was written by GS1 UK in conjunction with: IBM, The Institute for Grocery Distribution (IGD), Cranfield School of Management and Value Chain Vision.

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