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Add to Calendar 2021-02-09 10:30:00 2021-02-09 11:30:00 GS1 standards at Plymouth: enabling traceability during the Covid pandemic This interactive webinar features first-hand accounts of experiences from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust on how the have used GS1 standards to improve traceability of PPE and equipment throughout the pandemic. United Kingdom GS1 UK Europe/London public

We all know how critical it is to have oversight of stock availability and distribution across a trust, but there will perhaps be no greater time than during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

This webinar will highlight how University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust have been using GS1 standards during the pandemic to help improve traceability of PPE and other vital supplies. Doing so has enabled them to not only have visibility of available stock, but also allowed them to monitor the locations of where equipment has been.

Join the team from Plymouth as they share insights on their journey so far, the benefits and challenges they encountered along the way and provide updates on their experiences over recent months. 

Webinar speakers will include:

  • Richard Price, Scan4Safety programme manager, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust 
  • Peter Sewell, head of supply chain and e-procurement, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
  • Ben Clarke, training and education manager, GS1 UK

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Who should attend from NHS trusts?
  • Finance professionals
    (including: directors of finance and finance managers)
  • Procurement professionals
    (including: directors and assistant directors of procurement, heads of procurement, procurement and e-procurement managers, and operations procurement leads)
  • Systems management leads
    (including: financial systems support professionals, procurement systems managers, and systems project accountants)
  • Digital programme managers
  • Scan4Safety leads and programme managers
  • E-commerce managers
Who should attend from supplier organisations?
  • Finance professionals
    (including: chief financial officer, financial and credit controllers, and finance managers)
  • Business development professionals
    (including: business development manager, account managers, director of and head of sales, commercial managers)
  • IT, data and systems leads
    (including: IT directors and managers, finance systems managers, technical directors and EDI coordinator)
  • Managing directors and operational leads
  • Quality and regulatory compliance leads
  • Supply chain professionals
Learning outcomes
  • Understand how using GS1 standards (GLNs and GTINs) to identify and trace PPE enables greater efficiencies during the COVID pandemic
  • Gain a trust perspective on the challenges of implementing an inventory management system
  • Learn how automating processes can drive benefits for trusts and suppliers

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