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FIC Regulation EU 1169/2011

Helping you comply with new EU regulations

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A visual guide to understanding the new regulations (PDF)

The Food Information to Consumers Regulation (also known as EU 1169/2011) was first published in 2011 and came into effect from 13 December 2014

This regulation sets out a standardised format for how information should be displayed on product packaging. Any products manufactured after this date that fail to comply cannot be sold in-store, in restaurants or cafés or online. 

The two most notable changes to UK packaging are the way in which allergens are distinguished and how nutritional information is listed, although there are a range of elements that are now mandatory including minimum font size and instructions for use.

These new requirements are not limited to the physical label, but also apply to distance-selling channels such as retail websites where mandatory information (with the exception of the durability date) now has to be made available to consumers before the purchase is complete.

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