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Barcode assurance

Whatever barcode problems you’re experiencing, our barcode assurance service will get to the bottom of them

We do our best to make our standards easy to follow – but sometimes you need to talk to our experts directly, and at your own site. Which is why we offer our barcode assurance service - a tailored package of on-site assessment and hands-on training. 

Afterwards, you’ll understand everything you need to know about barcodes – and how to keep things working smoothly. 

We can tailor the service to suit your specific needs, but as a minimum we’ll help you to:

  • Use barcodes at all levels of your packaging hierarchy 
  • Comply with GS1 standards – and your customer requirements 
  • Ensure the quality, structure and placement of your barcodes is correct 

We’ll provide an on-site assessment and training from a GS1 expert – and leave you with an actionable report for you to use to get up to speed. 

Is the service right for you? 

Barcode assurance benefits any business struggling with: 

  • Customer barcode requirements 
  • Fines for non-compliance 
  • Supply chain inefficiencies through incorrect barcode use
How much does it cost?

GS1 UK member: £1000+ VAT
Non GS1 UK member: £1200 + VAT

All prices exclude VAT.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. And if you’re not already a member then join today.