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How to build retail resilience in light of a global pandemic

Eight months on from the national lockdown and as we enter a second wave of uncertainty, we spoke to Chris Tyas, chair of GS1 UK and former senior vice president and global head of supply chain at Nestlé, about how COVID-19 has changed the retail industry and how retailers need to adapt their supply-chains to meet evolving consumer needs.

Chris shared insights from his recent post, where he has been overseeing DEFRA’s food supply ‘war room’, and highlighted four themes that all businesses should include as part of their 2021 strategy:

How to build retail resilience in light of a global pandemic

Chris also answered your questions throughout the session and shared his wealth of experiences in the retail industry.

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We live in a trading environment that is volatile, uncertain and complex, meaning we are working with ambiguity. Whether its Brexit or COVID-19, and there will be other challenges in the future, these challenges create change and opportunity for all.


The webinar informed and reaffirmed that view of a volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous world. It also allowed an opportunity for reflection on other views before we step back into the reality of how to manage those resultant issues within our own businesses.”


Christopher Milton, off-trade and export sales director at Thatchers



Chris Tyas, chair at GS1 UK

Chris Tyas, chair at GS1 UK

Chris Tyas, is a former global supply chain leader, having spent the previous 36 years of his career at Nestlé, the largest CPG company in the world. 

He is now the chair at GS1 UK, and more recently has taken on the role of COVID-19 crisis chair of the Food Resilience Industry Forum, to support the UK Government coordinate the end-to-end food supply chain throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Tim Haïdar, content lead at GS1 UK

Tim Haidar, content lead at GS1 UK

As a journalist and the content lead at GS1 UK, Tim Haïdar thrives on getting to the crux of an issue.

He has chaired and moderated countless industry roundtables, where he has pressed business leaders to get answers to the most pertinent questions. 

At GS1 UK, Tim curates and hosts the Between the lines podcast series, where he chats to a wide range of guests on everything from Brexit, the new work order, cross-border trade and how to run an ethical business.