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Healthcare PDF frontThis year’s collection of the best examples of GS1 standards implementation from healthcare systems around the world.


The Global Reference Book celebrates some of the year’s outstanding achievements in healthcare from across the globe. 

With 19 different case studies from 13 different countries featured, we are delighted to be able to share stories of GS1 standards in action from three inspiring UK trusts.

What’s included:

Our three UK case studies look at how adopting GS1 standards, have improved processes in inventory management, medicines dispensing, and pathology and electronic medicines administration. 

Take a look at this year’s entries:

  • Monika Nott, inventory management improvement programme (IMIP) project lead at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Realising more than £1m of savings through an effective inventory management improvement programme (Page 61)
  • Iain Davidson, chief pharmacist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

    Using barcode scanning technology to reduce medication errors in dispensing (Page 64)
  • Andrew Raynes, director of digital and chief information officer, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    Interoperability and GS1 standards – a roadmap to success in pathology and medicines administration (Page 67)

Read GS1 Healthcare Reference Book (PDF)

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