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Get barcodes for books and magazines

Books, magazines and newspapers all need barcodes – but the unique numbers you need are provided by different agencies

Publishing a book?

If you’re publishing a book then you’ll need a barcode, so it can sold in bookshops and also online. GS1 issues all the numbers that you see beneath the barcodes on all the products that are sold in shops around the world – but books are a little different. For books you’ll need an ISBN or International Standard Book Number.

These numbers are provided by a registered ISBN agency, Nielsen. You can contact them via email or call +44(0)1483 712 215.

Publishing a magazine or newspaper?

Like books, magazines and newspapers are managed a little differently. You’ll still need a barcode of course, to sell in newsagents or online, but for these publications you’ll need an ISSN or International Standard Serial Number. ISSNs are used by publishers, libraries and catalogue databases.

So if you need an ISSN get in touch with the British Libraryemail them, or call +44(0)1937 546959.