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Our innovation and solutions team

Solving business problems with GS1 standards

GS1 standards have been used for over 40 years – saving industry billions of pounds. But we always looking for new ways to help even more. 

Whether it’s using existing GS1 standards to make business processes ever more efficient, developing new standards for new problems, or delivering services that help our members use our standards more effectively, our team of solution development specialists are always working to achieve more.

The team work closely with the other GS1 offices around the world too, so they can bring best practice to the UK.

Mark Gillott Mark Gillott

Head of change

I lead the change function within GS1 UK, working across sector to clearly present the capability of GS1 UK solutions and helping members understand how they can use them to meet their needs. As part of this engagement we work with members to understand barriers to adoption and support the identification of ways of overcoming these challenges. Our approach is to look at the change impact across the three key pillars of Business, Technology and Organisation.

Before joining GS1 UK I held a number of senior commercial and operational roles at Philips Semiconductors and Sainsbury’s and I was responsible for leading a number of major development programmes.

I’ve over 18 years of experience in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), and I’ve helped streamline supply chains in a variety of sectors, from aerospace to healthcare, retail to pharmaceuticals.

Email: | LinkedIn | Telephone: 020 7092 3522

Rob Jones Rob Jones

Change manager

I joined GS1 UK in January 2019 as a change manager. My role is to help our members understand how our solutions and standards can best be utilised to meet their needs. This involves working closely with both business and technical teams to identify and overcome barriers to adoption, helping members to benefit fully from GS1 UK's services.

My background is originally in grocery retail. I worked in a variety of retail and logistics roles at Sainsbury’s, before moving to the operational efficiency team, where I led a variety of supply chain optimisation and checkout technology projects. I then joined Capgemini as a consultant in the retail supply chain team, focusing on master data management.

Interests include triathlon and cycling – any excuse to buy new bits for my bike.

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Joanne Haslam Joanne Haslam

Change manager

As a change manager at GS1 UK, I focus on supporting and preparing our members to successfully adopt and implement GS1 services in order to overcome their business challenges. I work closely with both business and technical teams to help identify barriers to adoption and develop roadmaps that enable them to realise benefits from our services.  One of the main services I am helping to deliver is our productDNA solution within retail.

Before joining GS1 UK in February 2019 I was working as a management consultant for three years, supporting both public and private sector on technological transformation programmes. I was helping to deliver change programmes across government, utilities, banking and consumer goods. I really enjoyed working with retail clients which prompted me to join GS1 UK.

Some of my interests include attending music festivals and travelling as much of the world as I can!

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Jason Hale Headshot Jason Hale

Head of innovation

I lead GS1 UK's innovation programme - working cross sector to understand how global trends and insight from our members can be brought together to inform our standards and solutions road map. Working with fellow innovators at a local level, with fellow members organisations and at a global level I seek to both stimulate new thinking and to listen to the needs of our membership. 

Before joining GS1 UK, I held a variety of senior operational and commercial roles in the UK bringing new concepts to market in the healthcare sector and beyond, both in the UK and internationally.

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Thomas Springett Thomas Springett

Head of service development

I lead the service development agenda for GS1 UK. I ensure we offer practical and value add solutions to our members. My aim is to help members embed GS1 standards across their business processes. I work with industry groups and internal stake holders to identify, solutionise and prioritise the development and optimisation of our suite of services and then manage the development cycle to ensure products meet our member’s needs.

Before joining GS1 UK, I headed digital product and marketing teams at a variety of companies working in industries as varied as finance, retail and even the Post Office.

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Robert Besford Robert Besford

Product manager

I joined GS1 UK in August 2005 to manage our data services such as TrueSource, GEPIR, My Numberbank and develop the next generation of applications required by our members. I work closely with other GS1 UK teams to develop services that help our members efficiently grow their businesses and enable them to introduce, adopt and maintain GS1 standards with their key trading partners.

Before joining GS1 UK, I held a number of product management positions at BT, including being responsible for their business intelligence and insight service.

I’m keen on participating in all types of sports and regularly run in half marathons. My main hobby is always planning my next holiday adventure.

Email: | LinkedIn | Mobile: +44 7879 811709

Liuda Gudonyte Liuda Gudonyte

Product manager

As a product manager at GS1 UK, I am focused on driving the productDNA proposition forward by executing the product roadmap effectively and efficiently.
I work closely with the GS1 user community to ensure their needs are met by delivering best in class software solutions.

I have extensive product management experience across multiple sectors, gained whilst working for global brands including: Google, Bloomberg, Boston Consulting Group, Dunelm and Nectar Card. Prior to my career in product development, I worked in the banking industry for several American commercial and retail banks in the Midwest. 

I am certified in product and project management and I enjoy practicing both disciplines.

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