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CEO insight | Between the lines

Gary Lynch, CEO at GS1 UK, talks about how standards can transform the way we work and live

Gary Lynch CEO GS1 UKAs the CEO at GS1 UK I often meet with many organisations – in retail, foodservice and healthcare – where I see the great impact that GS1 standards have.

As a consumer, I see how GS1 standards can help retailers overcome the disconnect that sometimes exists between what they promise and what they can actually deliver.

And in healthcare, I really appreciate the amazing work the NHS is doing despite the enormous pressures it’s facing – costs, technology, an ageing population and more. Which is why, we’re working closely with them to implement GS1 standards – to save lives and money.

Here, you’ll read my views on how we’re helping industry improve its service delivery to customers and patients and also my insights on how we collaborate and innovate with our members.

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